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Friday, October 09, 2009


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Japan right now is probably in a better situation than the United States. But that aside I think many businesses here in the US need to get out of that mindset as well. I have heard many because of the economic downturn just complain instead of looking for opportunities. I told many friends who lost jobs to take a chance at starting a business since they could not find a job but they said they do not want the risk. In my opinion the real risk is not trying to better your life.


Jay, thanks so much for commenting and for your thoughts.

You are absolutely right. I feel that it is especially in times like these that there is great opportunities. I will be launching a new venture soon to assist smaller Jpnse and US businesses in doing business together. I encourage all to not only think out of the ebox in these times, but to forget about the box period.

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I love the title, but I have not seen evidence that Japan is doing better that the US. All of my Japanese friends are in desperate jobs or cannot even find one.


Dear MWD,
Thanks for writing in. They are in some ways and not in others. The thing is the new conversation that needs to be happening is not on a large enough scale.

Maybe those friends won;t be able to find a job, so they are to create a nwe one for themselves or the ones in desperate jobs need to take that core skill and tweak it into something else. I feel there is no more waiting for a job--its about creation these days. That what I am doing and hoping to inspire others to do.


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I love the arcticle! Great insights. I visited Japan a few years ago and I really enjoyed it. They still use quite a few old school techniques in society but as a whole I think the country functions great, the whole economic crisis probably changed the place dramatically but considering they are part of the economic heart they should be just fine.


thanks for this article,but for my point of view i thank japan can be better than usa in finding job

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Good article. I agree, with Japan is a country that does not handles change very well and leaves things until they reach crisis level. Unfortunately it does not handles crisis very well either. i think, that's true!



Thanks for writing in. As always, whatever I say is in an effort to look at what is there, say what I think AND encourage the change and actions I know Japan is capable of and to support Japanese who want to see these changes and need support.

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